Parent/teacher conference scheduling just got a whole lot easier

No-hassle appointment scheduling

Avoid the trials of paper-based parent/teacher conference scheduling with our on-line scheduler.

Administrators can easily create conferences for teachers, spanning multiple days.

Parents are able to quickly reserve multiple conference slots all in a single, streamlined interface.

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Optimized for mobile devices

Our most requested feature from parents! Pages are optimized for mobile and desktop browsers.

How It Works


A school administrator sets up the conference date(s) and appointment slots.


Parents log in to select the time slots they want to reserve.


Teachers view and/or print their schedule to prepare for conference day.


Flexible Conference Setup

Schedule a conference spanning multiple days. Set up 15-minute appointments for some teachers and 20-minute appointments for others. Schedule a lunch break for the middle of the day. It's all under your control.

Teachers Manage Their Own Schedule

Teachers are in complete control of their conference schedule. They can disable appoinment slots and assign parents to appointment slots.

Parents Can Schedule Multiple Appointments at Once

Side-by-side appointment schedules allow parents to see at a glance which appointment slots are available and to easily choose consecutive appointments when available.

E-mail Reminders

Parents automatically get an e-mail reminder of their appointments after making their reservations as well as the day before the conference.

Manage Multiple Conferences

There's no limit to the number of conferences you can create at a time.

Import Users via Spreadsheet

Quickly populate your user list by uploading a spreadsheet populated with names and e-mail addresses.

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